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What Can Your Contribution Do?

Your weekly payroll deduction will provide one of the services listed:


$1.00 per week will provide one of the following:

•  1 meal per week for an individual in need 

•  24/7 hotline crisis intervention calls 

•  A safe, supervised 1.5 hour visit between parent and child

•  After-school and summer programming assistance to 1 child from a low-income family


$3.00 per week will provide one of the following:

•  9 nights of housing in emergency & transitional shelters 

•  6 outpatient/treatment sessions for 1 individual with alcohol or drug abuse/dependency

•  7 rides on The Friendly Bus

•  2 parenting workshops to develop skills to provide a healthy home environmen


$5.00 per week will provide one of the following:

•  1 week of day camperships for 5 children in need

•  3 psychiatric counseling sessions for under- or non-insured individuals

•  Peer support for at risk adults

•  Crisis intervention programs that play a role in preventing violence


$10.00 per week* will provide one of the following:

•  Legal services to 7 low-income individuals/families or elderly persons

•  1.5 weeks of adult daycare

•  1 hour a week respite care for the family of a person with chronic health conditions

•  Meals delivered to 2 homebound individuals for 6.5 weeks


$15.00 per week* will provide one of the following:

•  Fuel assistance to 1 income-eligible family or individual

• 1 child in a 1-to-1 relationship with a volunteer role model/friend

•  4 weeks of childcare for an infant or toddler

•  13 support sessions and outreach for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness


$20.00 per week* will provide one of the following:

•  An outdoor education-based camp for 1 at-risk boy 

•  Emergency assistance in a disaster to 1 family

•  7 weekly parent education workshop and support sessions

•  Support and services for 1 infant/toddler with special needs


* A total of $10.00 or more per week pledged by an individual or couple qualifies you to be a member of the Grand Monadnock Rappelling Team, Monadnock United Way's Leadership Giving Program.