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Donor Choice

Working together, the Allocations Committee members identify the most urgent current needs of the community and recommend allocations accordingly. In doing so, they make every effort to be accountable to the donor, while being responsive to the needs of local agencies and the people they serve. Ninety-four percent (94%) of the contributors rely on the efforts of the Monadnock United Way Allocations Committee to ensure that their money is well spent and that the entire system of human care services is adequately supported.

However, if you wish to consider Donor Choice, you do have these options:

  • Monadnock United Way agency or service area - If you wish to designate your gift to a specific Monadnock United Way agency or service area, your donation is counted as the first dollars toward the agency's predetermined allocation and your designated gift actually increases an agency's funding only when total designations exceed the recommended allocation.
  • Other United Ways - If you live in a town outside of the Monadnock Region, you may wish to direct part or all of your gift to the United Way that serves your hometown.
  • Other Human Service agencies - If you wish, you may also choose to designate part or all of your gift to any 501(c) (3) human service agency. The agency must be located in the Monadnock Region or, if out of the region, be funded by a United Way allocation process or be approved by the National Charities Information Bureau.
  • Omitting a Monadnock United Way Agency - If you wish you may prevent a specific Monadnock United Way agency from receiving any of your contribution. If you choose this option, you continue to support the local network of human service agencies, but the omitted agency does not receive any of your gift. Instead, the percent of your gift that would have gone to that agency is deducted from their funding. This deducted amount is set aside in a restricted fund to be used for future Venture Grants.

Designations to Monadnock United Way agencies are reported both to the agency and to the Allocations Committee for their consideration in determining future funding amounts.