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Loaned Employee Program

At the heart of United Way's volunteers are Loaned Employees—local employees who serve as the organization's key fundraisers between August and December. Some years, the LE Program welcomes the addition of Keene State College students. These students assume the same training and account responsibilities as the LEs that come to us from local companies—and they receive course credits for participating in the program.

Participation in the Loaned Employee program provides volunteers the opportunity to interact positively with all levels of management from a variety of businesses and organizations throughout our community. They gain increased knowledge of how companies operate; learn new skills, become more sensitive to our community's needs, and gain a better understanding of the human care system that addresses these needs.

Loaned Employees increase self-confidence, enhance technical skills and enjoy the opportunity to make a worthy contribution to the well being of the community. Most of all, they become more valuable employees as a result of their experiences.

For more information about the Loaned Employee Program download the attached PDF at the end of this document, or contact the Monadnock United Way office.

To learn what local businesses and former loaned employees have said about the Loaned Employee Program download the attached Loaned Employee Program brochure below.

Loaned Employee Program Brochure (PDF)