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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monadnock United Way?

Monadnock United Way is a local non-profit organization managed by a small staff and supported by hundreds of volunteers each year. By utilizing the time and talent of people from all walks of life, Monadnock United Way is able to invest in close to 50 agencies and programs each year - providing community-wide services that range from infants to the elderly. This commitment proves that lives do change when a community cares. Together we can make a difference where it matters most – right here at home.

Who runs Monadnock United Way?

A volunteer Board of Directors composed of residents from throughout the Monadnock Region governs Monadnock United Way. These volunteers ensure that Monadnock United Way operates with integrity and has the highest ethical standards.

Is Monadnock United Way just a fund raiser?

Monadnock United Way is much more than a fund raiser. Throughout the year, we coordinate in-kind donations, volunteer opportunities, service resources, Days of Caring, and initiate new programming that will provide for ongoing community solutions. And keep in mind that most charities have a single cause for which they are seeking funds. Monadnock United Way is raising money to provide services for one out of three people in the Monadnock Region. When you give, you are making an investment in the quality of life in our community – and your gift is matched and magnified by the gifts of your co-workers, neighbors and friends.

Why should I give when I never use these services?

Many people, their friends, and/or family members use the services of Monadnock United Way partner agencies and never realize it. Maybe you have donated blood, participated in an emergency relief effort or sought affordable day care not realizing that your contributions to Monadnock United Way make these programs available. None of us knows when a tragedy will strike and when we will need help. Everyone benefits from living and working in a healthier, stronger community. The loss of a loved one, illness, disabilities, family problems, or issues that accompany aging may happen to any of us – at any time. Contributing through Monadnock United Way ensures that programs are available to meet these every day needs – today and in our future.

Why should I give when there is an agency funded by Monadnock United Way that I don’t like?

We respect your right to have this opinion. Remember, though, that a wide variety of critical services are offered by Monadnock United Way partner agencies. Children, people of all ages with disabilities, seniors, families in crisis and others in need are all helped by your contribution. Not giving makes it more difficult to provide this much needed help. Through our Donor Choice Program, you can still make a gift – while choosing to omit an agency from your contribution.

Can I give to the community where I live?

Yes. Monadnock United Way’s Donor Choice Program makes it possible for you to direct your contribution to the United Way serving your home community.

Why do some of Monadnock United Way funded programs charge fees?

Monadnock United Way funding covers only part of the total cost of our partner agencies and programs. Some services have to assess a fee to maintain operations. Fees are generally adjusted according to the person’s ability to pay. Charging fees to those who can pay allows Monadnock United Way funds to cover more services for more people. This helps reduce the cost of services to the community and insures that Monadnock United Way dollars go as far as possible for people unable to pay.

Can I be billed for my pledge next year?

Yes. A year-round pledge is a more convenient way of contributing for year-round services. Payroll deduction is one means to pay your pledge, but you also have the option of being billed, paying by cash or credit card or using electronic funds transfer. Billing is also a convenient option for a business pledge.

How much of my gift will reach the local agencies and programs?

The goal of Monadnock United Way is to maximize the amount of dollars going to meet community needs. The extensive use of volunteers allows Monadnock United Way to maintain a small staff with low overhead. Agencies receive 89 cents of every dollar collected, while 11 cents of every paid pledge dollar pays for overhead. The Better Business Bureau - Wise Giving Alliance considers up to 35% acceptable for administrative and fundraising expenses and Monadnock United Way is proud to be way below this average.

When I give to my local United Way, does all my money go to a national organization to be dealt with?

No. Monadnock United Way raises money to fund local services provided in our community. All the money you give is directed according to the decisions made by local volunteers during the allocations process, where citizens review agency funding requests, budgets and services. Membership with United Way Worldwide allows local United Ways the opportunity to benefit from professional services such as marketing resources, research material and training. All funding decisions are made by local volunteers.