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Code of Ethics

Monadnock United Way is committed to the highest ethical standards. Based on the unique trust placed in Monadnock United Way to serve the public good, we have a special obligation to act ethically. Volunteers, staff, and representatives set an example for each other by their pursuit of excellence in high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

While no document can anticipate all the challenges that may arise, this Code communicates key guidelines to assist Monadnock United Way volunteers, staff and representatives in making decisions that are ethical and in accordance with applicable legal requirements. 

I. Personal & Professional Integrity

A personal commitment to integrity in all circumstances 
benefits each individual as well as the organization. We, therefore:

  • Strive to meet the highest standards of performance, quality, service and achievement in working toward Monadnock United Way's mission.
  • Communicate honestly and openly and avoid misrepresentation.
  • Promote a working environment where honesty, open communication and minority opinions are valued.
  • Exhibit respect and fairness toward all those with whom we come into contact.
  • Ensure that all information, which is confidential, privileged or non-public, is not disclosed inappropriately.
  • Respect privacy rights in the performance of Monadnock United Way duties.

II. Accountability

Monadnock United Way is responsible to Partner Agencies, Affiliate Agencies, donors and others who have placed faith in Monadnock United Way. To uphold this trust we:

  • Promote good stewardship of Monadnock United Way resources.
  • Use organizational resources for purposes that serve the best interest of Monadnock United Way.
  • Observe and comply with all laws and regulations affecting Monadnock United Way.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, or even the appearance of a conflict of interest, which would tend to undermine the public's trust in Monadnock United Way.

III. Voluntary Giving

The most responsive contributors are those who have the opportunity to become informed and involved. Monadnock United Way therefore:

  • Promotes voluntary giving in dealing with donors and potential donors.
  • Refrains from any use of coercion in fundraising activities.

IV. Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Monadnock United Way is committed to the principle of inclusion. Its goal, therefore, is to:

  • Value, respect and encourage inclusion of others without regard to age, sex, race, color, marital status, physical or mental disability, religious creed, national origin or sexual orientation.