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Monadnock United Way has a unique Allocations Process which ensures fiscal and program accountability while meeting the social service needs of the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.
The objective of the Allocations Committee is to deploy Monadnock United Way financial support so as to maximize the resources available to agencies for services aimed at the most urgent current needs of the community. The allocations system is designed to be accountable to the donor, responsive to people's needs, and inclusive of programs to which the givers wish to contribute.

The Committee is composed of 22 volunteers from the entire Monadnock Region representing diversity of experience, gender and age. All Committee members read proposals and listen to presentations from the approximately 50 agencies that we fund. In addition, each committee member also serves on a three-member team that reviews in depth, through a site visit, a cluster of 7 agencies.

This dedicated group of volunteers challenges each agency's effectiveness at providing services, the need for these services in the region and the agency's need for Monadnock United Way financial support. Each individual member of the Allocations Committee commits approximately 100 hours to deliver a report crafted toward meeting the needs of our community.